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The world's best documentaries, from Wikileaks to Lance Armstrong. Available to stream instantly for £1 rental or unlimited access subscription.

Seriously Factual

Documentaries are moving online! Journeyman is one of the world's leading doc distributors and we're offering you a chance to see the best documentaries before anyone else! Every week we have fresh new titles, often direct from the cutting room. Its so easy - click on a film and watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't play any videos
    • To stream video or audio files you will need the latest Adobe Flash Player installed (available here, free Get Flash Player), or be using a modern browser that supports HTML5 video, such as the latest Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  • I can't play any videos on my mobile or tablet
    • supports iPad and iPhone and many other mobile devices that support the mp4 video file type. Some phones however do not support playback of mp4 files and these device are not supported by us currently. If you think your device isn't supported by us and you'd like to encourage us to add it, let us know at

      Streaming videos over a mobile network requires a paid-for data package from your mobile operator.

      PLEASE NOTE: Streaming videos over a mobile network is data intensive so we would only recommend viewing in this way if you have an unlimited data plan with your mobile network. If you have a limited data plan, you will quickly use up your allowance if you stream videos from and may be liable for expensive additional data charges to your mobile network provider.
  • I'm just seeing a spinning infinty symbol in the player
    • The most common reason for this may simply be that you have just lost internet connection. This is most likely to happen if you're on a wifi connection, perhaps if you're in an internet cafe, or if your broadband connection isn't fast enough.

      To play and stream files on you need to be connected to the internet. If you suspect you may have lost connection while watching, or the video you were watching suddenly stops or appears corrupted, try clicking the Refresh button in your browser.

      If you have a good strong persistent internet connection the above should remedy most issues. However if you are still having issues please do get in touch at for more assistance.