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Is the patchwork of remaining Palestinian land is now so fragmented it could never form a viable future state? This incisive film asks whether the settlers have finally destroyed any chance of anything but a single homogeneous Palestinian Jewish state.

"We have to expel them", says an Israeli youth impatiently, speaking of Arabs. "All of them." "Come again?" His interviewer replies. This young man is taking a seemingly radical line on the possibility of a " one state solution." But the belief that peaceful coexistence is impossible - and that Jewish people have an exclusive, God-given right to live in Israel - is hardly rare. More troublingly, opposition to a one-state solution is not confined to the radical right. Arnon Soffer is a university professor who considers the possibility of a Palestinian majority in Israel untenable. "If you endanger the Jewishness of my country, my compromise will be on democracy", he says. But is it more untenable to live "in a state in which any minority is a demographic threat"? Asks Neta Golan, co-founder of a pro-Palestine NGO. She says bluntly: "It's a recipe for apartheid."

She's not the only Israeli critical of her nation's past. In A People Without A Land we meet the remarkable Eitan Bronstein, a former soldier who served time for his refusal to fight in the 1982 Lebanon War. Bronstein later founded an organisation dedicated to fostering Israeli-Palestinian understanding. He believes a single state founded on equality for all citizens is the only possible solution.

Soffer demurs. "After the last terrible 100 years, of so many hatreds and wars, they will accept me - with love?" He laughs. Even the authors of 'The One State Condition' are cautious, recognising Israel's traumatic history. The one state solution "is not a solution, at the moment. It's a vision... but as a vision, this is my vision. I would like to dream about this possibility."

Few films succeed as well as this one in historically contextualising the modern state of Israel. Enriched by interviews across the political, ethical and religious spectrum, A Land Without A People should be required viewing.


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    Just getting started.

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    Just getting started.

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