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Would you break the law to save a mother’s life? At a public hospital in Nicaragua, this is the ethical dilemma that faces
obstetrician Dr. Carla Cerrato on a routine basis. It is one of only five countries in the world to ban abortion outright – even in cases of rape, incest, and likely maternal fatality. As hapless young mothers implore her help, and Carla's work becomes increasingly personal, the devastating impact of this law is made horrifyingly clear.

In the busy maternity ward, Dr Carla moves from bed from bed with a reassuring word for each of her patients. When one of them enters labour, she moves swiftly into action, issuing calm instructions to the nurses. For her, this is standard procedure; for the young mother, just 13, it is a situation she never planned and which potentially threatens her life. "The young ones are the most vulnerable", says Carla. Six or seven girls under the age of fourteen pass through the ward weekly, she estimates; many die from the stress of childbirth on their young bodies.

For Carla, protecting the pregnant women she works with is her highest priority. Thus when complications during pregnancy threaten the life of the mother, she advocates what's known as 'therapeutic abortion'. But the new law forbids the practice, forcing doctors to ignore the very highest order of their profession and let patients die on their watch. "Our hands are tied", says one, who fears prosecution for carrying out what he sees as a moral duty.

What is perhaps most shocking is that the party responsible for the law - the FSLN - began as a libertarian movement that came to power during the revolution. Carla was a supporter during those heady days. "My formation, my character, my personality; all of who I am was forged in the 80s". Now she feels betrayed. Defying the law and risking her career, she is determined to champion the cause of Nicaragua's women. A Quiet Inquisition presents an inspiring example of individual dissent in the face of injustice.


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