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Frida Wallberg was the best female boxer alive. WBC World Champion and undefeated her entire career, the Swede was one of the most feared fighters in the world. Yet during her final fight, a bout intended to be her crowning glory, she suffered a blow that was to impact on her life forever. Rushed to hospital after a dangerous brain haemorrhage, Frida's entire world changed in an instant. Her struggle to recover is to be her toughest fight yet.

“This is war. It’s been war since the first gong”, exclaim the commentators. “What a combination! And another hit!” The fight is becoming a demolition as Frida Wallberg lands punch after punch. “A strong psyche and a strong will! People are standing up. Come on Frida!” The commentators can hardly contain their excitement as the punches continue to rain down. “What a fight!”, they scream, as Frida is crowned the victor.

Frida Wallberg’s star is rising. Winning fight after fight she is taking the world stage by storm. Her training schedule is gruelling as she gears up for her biggest bout to date, taking on reigning world champion Olivia Gerula. “It won’t be a mere fight in the ring. It’s a fight between different people”, intones her manager. “Frida works full-time, provides for her daughter and trains."

Frida takes the belt with style, elevating her to the pinnacle of the boxing world. As her reputation grows Frida becomes the boxer to beat. But behind the fighting veneer lies a softer side. Her daughter Bella is her priority, and she still holds out hope for love. “I have always wanted a relationship. I’ve been looking for love I guess. A love that you want to spend your whole life with, but I haven’t found it anywhere.”

Frida carries on winning, successfully defending her title against the best the world has to offer. But in her fight against fierce rival Diana Prazak disaster strikes; she is defeated by knock-out. Frida struggles to control her breathing and collapses. The next morning a newsreader reports, “Frida Wallberg has undergone brain hemorrhage surgery. She’s on a respirator. Doctors are planning on awakening her during the day, if possible”. Frida is lucky to survive, but will she ever fight again?

Golden Girl is a remarkably intimate story of passion and ambition, a life spent chasing a dream - and the brutal reality of life in the ring.


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