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The moon-landing of July 1969 remains an iconic event in human history and one of mankind's greatest achievements. First released in 1970, Moonwalk One is a philosophical and poetic account of humanity's unique ambition. Remastered for the digital age, and utilising previously undiscovered footage, this film offers a new generation the chance not only to see the first lunar expedition, but to sense the excitement of a world on the brink of history.

“Beyond these fragile walls… Nothingness. Absolute cold. An end to life” intones the narrator as the risk involved in Buzz Aldrin, Lance Armstrong, and Michael Collins’ giant leap for mankind becomes apparent. Far away from home, their life is in the hands of the years of preparation invested in the Apollo 11 mission. Touching moments, such as a mid-mission report stating “Your three wives and children got together for lunch yesterday at Buzz’s house” only serve to heighten the stakes.

The anticipation in the faces of the dignitaries massed along NASA’s official bleachers mirrors that of the crowds of tourists who have pitched up to Cape Kennedy. Even the ranks of NASA scientists ensconced behind their equipment can’t suppress their awe. As the Saturn V rocket disconnects and the shuttle becomes a smudge in the sky, all they are left with is fragmented radio transmissions from half a world away. “It could honestly be said that this was the culmination of the dreams and fantasies of men and women over twenty-five centuries of recorded time.” Samples collected, the story takes on a nervous tone as the shuttle begins the long journey home. We feel the world watching with bated breath, faces pressed up against the screen as they try to comprehend the images they are receiving.

As the streets of Chicago erupt in wild excitement, a parade welcomes the heroes home. Laurence Luckinbill’s narration adds solemnity, asking “In what age of man will the meaning of this morning be understood?” This remastered epic, complete with additional footage, is now of an age when the question can easily be answered...


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