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The notorious Satudarah are the Netherlands' most violent and feared biker gang. Founded in Moordrecht in 1990, the gang has grown from humble roots into an international conglomerate, linked with worldwide drug trafficking, extortion and murder. This fascinating documentary drives right to the heart of this secret criminal underworld, exposing the strict rituals and traditions that govern this most violent of brotherhoods.

"We're in a war zone, and we stand for what we stand for" explains Olla. Having recently been promoted to the rank of Kapikane, or Captain, Olla is one of the highest ranking Satudarah members in Holland. The gang are expanding into Germany, provoking tensions with other notorious organisations, such as the Hells Angels and the Bandidos. The gangs must jostle for control of cross-border trafficking routes, as well as brothels. "In Germany, The Angels think they decide everything. That's what they think, and all of Germany knows that... but now we're here" he explains.

"Of course I'd die for the club. 1000 percent" explains Mikey, the newest member of the Satudarah. The Satudarah is no ordinary gang: membership is for life and 'the brotherhood' inspires remarkable loyalty and devotion in its ranks. Mikey is the most recent recruit to pledge his undying allegiance to the gang. As all the recruits must chant after their initiation, "Forever Satudarah, Satudarah forever!"

"The prosecutor told me I sent shivers down his spine" grins Barend. Like many of the Satudarah, Barend wears his criminal record with pride, a badge of honour and proof of his loyalty to the cause. As the gang attempt to expand throughout Europe, they are dealing from increased pressure from the law. Raids on their homes and clubhouses are a regular occurrence, and their highest ranking members are constantly in and out of prison.

With their longstanding traditions and rituals, the Satudarah are a modern day tribe as much as they are a gang. With remarkable and unprecedented access into their innermost workings and their daily lives, 'Satudarah: One Blood' exposes the terrifying reality of one of Europe's most notorious criminal organizations.


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