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Worldwide, alcohol abuse kills more people than HIV, nearly 3.3 million per year. Yet the old saying, “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic,” is not as true as you think. Profiling recovering alcoholics, medical professionals and justice practitioners, this scientific investigation exposes the benefits of a little-known drug Naltrexone and explores why the health care industry is so reluctant to accept this life-changing medication, despite boasting a 78% success rate.

Steve had always been a drinker, indulging in binges that lasted days with no memory of the events. Having been in and out of Alcoholics Anonymous for years, Steve had found the 12 Step Programme could not help him. He was at his wits end, until he discovered Naltrexone. As Steve sits down with a bottle of spirit in front of him he is worried. But only an hour after taking a single pill the alcohol is not affecting him as he’d expected. “If this is how normal people feel when they drink then what the hell is the point. My brain feels cheated right now”. The next morning more than half the bottle remains.

Sci-Fi star Claudia Christian has made it her life’s mission to help people recover from alcoholism. After discovering Naltrexone and the Sinclair Method of treatment, she felt that if “you could save someone’s life with a simple medication, wouldn’t you share it?”. Naltrexone works to alter the effects of alcohol on those who suffer from alcohol addiction. But it is not widely available in either the United States or the United Kingdom. Claudia, and others, believe this comes down to a “deeply ingrained belief in society that abstinence is the only way. If you give into addiction it’s some kind of moral failing or weakness”.

Naltrexone also has the potential to have a huge social impact. Former prosecutor Helen Harberts has trialled the drug with convicted criminals, those who commit crimes to fuel their addictions, or whilst under the influence. She is gushing with positivity, “we get regular citizens back. They pay taxes, and they get jobs, and they live a life of recovery, and they don’t come back into the justice system. It’s freaking awesome!”.

One Little Pill is a punchy condemnation of the way society perceives and handles addiction.


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