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2009, Bhopal, India. The 25th anniversary of the gas leak is passionately remembered by the citizens of Bhopal, who are protesting to raise awareness about the ongoing suffering. "For so many years we've been drinking poisoned water...all our children are sick. That is why we will keep fighting", says a local woman. The disaster continues today as the citizens are affected by chronic illnesses and birth defects caused by exposure to toxic waste and a contaminated water supply.

Bhopali is a moving portrait of the second generation children in Bhopal affected by the gas leak. We follow the daily struggles of many families with mentally and physically disabled children. Saibu Baba, an eighteen-month-old infant with an unknown illness, is one of the children depicted. “Here at the hospital, money talks. We are poor people, and we don’t have money, and that’s why no one looks after us, even if your child is dying.”, says her father.

These heartwrenching stories of personal suffering are offset by the unyielding efforts of Bhopali community activists. The Chingari Trust centre provides medical and psychological support to children with serious mental and physical illnesses. We certainly see the fruits of their labours in children like Samreen and Shifon, who learn to walk again. We also hear from activist Sanjay Verma, a survivor of the gas leak, who despite the tragedy of losing his parents and three siblings has an infectious enthusiasm for the future. "What happened in the past we cannot change, but what is happening now is in our control", he says.

Bhopali is a topical and shattering portrait of the unending disaster in Bhopal, as well as a testament to the effects of a lack of government and corporate accountability. "Every year millions of people are dying because of this unriddled pursuit of profit," says campaigner Satinath Sarangi. "If there is justice in Bhopal, this would be a safer place for us all to live in because it would set a precedent."


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