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Meet Mirco Kuball: ultra-wealthy, flamboyant, sophisticated, outspoken, and who just happens to have downs syndrome. This touching film explores an unexpected life. It moves through the castle where he lives; the massage parlours and restaurants where he's indulged; and the theatre where he performs. But, beneath the opulent showman, lies a man like any other, who realises that beyond shelter, food, and companionship, nothing else counts.

One afternoon, Mirco sits in his castle carefully flicking through a photo book filled with artful, soft-focused black and white images of men and women embracing, kissing, and making love. “I almost start to cry when I look at these pictures. If only I had that too”, Mirko murmurs.

As the last surviving member of his immediate family, Mirko fills a busy and diverse social life with a host of faces. From the actors he shares a stage with, to his masseuses and personal shoppers, as well as his trusty driver Dusku Devic (‘Disco David’ according to Mirco). He has plenty of things to share and show off too: “My trees. My lawn. My castle. Basement. My Horses. Everything belongs to me.”

However, lurking among this opulence are reminders of Mirco’s isolation. Overlooked by marble busts and a glittering chandelier, a dozen unoccupied chairs are pushed firmly beneath a grand dining table. Mirco sits quietly on a scarlet chaise lounge, sipping champagne as classical music echoes crisply and unencumbered through the vast halls of his castle.

As the film develops, and Mirco invites us into ever more intimate conference, we begin to understand the extent of the personal frustrations and limitations he must live with: “I fell in love with this actor … [he] taught me all about men. I was turned down again and again. I can only have disabled people. Probably. I am not allowed healthy people. I am not allowed to fall in love with healthy people. Stick to your own kind.”

Mirco’s, response to these difficulties is found in his compelling performative philosophising, with the characteristic tincturing of deep existential considerations with colour and wit: “Death. Dying. When I’m dead I will have a red casket. I will put on my Indian chief costume and enjoy death. But I am scared of dying because I don’t have a partner by my side. But in the end, everybody has to take care of themselves. Death, Died, Grief. That’s the way it is."


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